Monday, October 4, 2010

David Mach

David Mach a Scottish sculptor and installation artist. Mach's artistic style is based on flowing assemblages of mass-produced found art objects. Typically these include magazines, vicious teddy bears, newspapers, car tires, match sticks, and coathangers. Many of his installations are temporary and constructed in public spaces.
Polaris consisted of 6000 car tires that were arranged as a lifesize replica of a Polaris submarine ship. In the 80's he produces some smaller-scale workd assembled out of match sticks taking the form of human or animalistic heads and masks. Recently he has produced many public sculptures out of bricks and coathangers such as a Brick Train and the Crucifixion of Christ one of his more famous and most recognizable pieces.

David Mach, Crucifixtion, Coathangers

David Mach, Astronaut, Coathangers

David Mach, Gorilla, Coathangers


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