Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Johan Jonsson

Johan was born in Luleå, Sweden in 1966. Except for a few years in Stockholm and Gothenburg he has worked and studied in Luleå. He now divides his time between Luleå and a small village outside Skellefteå, where his studio is located.

The visual art: It is sculpture in mixed media - metal, wood, fabrics, tar, leather, wire, welding filler, silicone, rust. The basis is usually metal, and usually items/materials used in agriculture and forestry. The interest, however, lies in the combination of these rural materials/items and urban ones like plastic, rubber, silicone, parts of dolls and toys…

"Junk art" might be the term when it comes to choice of "material". W
hen it comes to artistry, terms like "art brut" or "outsider art" are better suited.

His art is basically a process which often results in humans, figures, postures, poses. The working process more than often makes use of chance (http://byjohan.se/cv.html).

Anger Management - 21x36x26 cm
(fabrics, swaddling-clothes, weld, leather, steel wire, nails, pipes)

1/2 Hamster Wheel - 20x40x40 cm
(caterpillar treads, fabrics, chalk, newspaper, nails)

Doing Horse, 17x46x40 cm
(nails, leather, weld, doll part, harness)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Monica Lynn Manoski

Monica Lynn Manoski: My art serves as a visual map. Each completed piece cements a period of time in which I examine different thoughts, actions, emotions, and responsibilities. Textures evoke many of the feelings I experience while creating. The utilization of light and shadow and their play on various surfaces allows for the expression of these ideas.

The visual power of an object’s surface is great. Yet, this superficial skin is often very delicate and easily damaged. My work makes use of materials that are vulnerable to the touch and the elements. Each piece is made from textiles, which are thin and malleable. This fabric is fastened only by dressmaker’s pins that, over time, may work their way out of position. In addition, the surfaces of each work jut out into the third dimension, leaving them prone to abuse. Thus, my fabrications confront the issue of ephemerality. Like my human engagements which this work represents, my artwork is delicate, but there is beauty and strength in that fragility.

Process and materiality are essential in the development of my artistic expressions. The physical and emotional practice leads to new self-discovery. Therefore, I allow the materials and process to guide my practice and not the vision of a finished work. This unforeseen outcome provokes new and continuing creativity.

The abstract nature of my work encourages the viewer to discover instances that relate to their interpersonal thoughts and relations. Each work serves as a window of imagination. Through the use of light, shadow, and surface my work exhibits the sojourn to self-discovery (website).

66 x 72 x 36"

60 x 66 x 24"

24 X 26 X 12"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rebecca Fox

Rebecca Fox is a San Francisco based Metal Sculptor who creates welded steel sculpture.

Rebecca Fox was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1976. After moving to San Francisco in 1996, she attended City College and studied sculpture at the College Fort Mason Art Campus. She learned to weld and immediately became addicted to creating sculpture and collecting metal. Rebecca found her true passion in life: creating art using metal as her medium.

To expand her technical knowledge, she worked for several years as a welder in a custom metal fabrication shop in Oakland, California. Rebecca learned many valuable metal-working skills, which she applies to her art. At the same time, she became the Teacher's Assistant and Laboratory Technician

for the Sculpture Department at City College (http://fineartamerica.com/featured/9281-154-rebecca-fox.html.)

154, Metal

147, Metal

163, Metal