Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dusty Folwarczny

Dusty Folwarczny is an object maker. Raised in Winfield, Missouri just north of St. Louis she grew up on a large plot of land surrounded by a lake, hills, and woods; providing an early connection with nature and organic forms.

As an artist she attempts to explore the tension between heavy metal and gravity and, in many of her pieces, exposes the raw aesthetic of rust.

She has said this of her work: “When I am creating art, it is important to me that it is approachable and accessible. This is why I prefer to work in public spaces. Part of my sculpting process includes looking at a scrap pile of steel as a puzzle to be solved. I have a part of me that is drawn to making art out of steel. Maybe it is because Dad has the steel company and it worked its way into my subconscious. Maybe I like how incredibly strong the material is. Maybe it’s the raw textured surface or the beautiful oranges in the rust.

Dusty attended Truman State University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. Dusty’s work is held in private and corporate collections.




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  1. What i find interesting about this artist's work is that when she sees a pile of scrap metal, she doesn't see garbage like most people do, but she sees the pile a puzzle that needs to be solved. She takes a optimistic approach to an every day object that we see everywhere, in buildings, cars etc, and transforms them into art for the public to see. Another thing that i found fascinating about this artist is that she uses cylinder like shapes, which brings me to the questions; why only make cylinders? Metal can be bent and wielded into various shapes and forms like boxes, cars, buildings. She could of chosen anything to make out of metal, but she chose cylinders. Then again, she likes to explore the tension of metal, and what better way to achieve that, then bend the in a spheral shape.