Monday, February 1, 2010

Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke was one of the most political of all conceptual artists. He focused closely on systems and processes. The 1960's jump-started his career. Haacke brought to the art world a new concept of viewer involvement. He asked viewers to handle objects, which at the time was a concept normally rejected by institutions. Some of Haacke's early works consisted of physical and biological systems, living animals, plants, and the states of water and the wind. His later works have dealt more with socio-political structures and the politics of art. (Art Today, Wikipedia)

MOMA Poll (1970)
two plexi-glass ballot boxes

Condensation Cube
begun 1965 - completed 2008
plexiglas and water

Helmsboro Country, 1990
silkscreen prints and photograph on wood, cardboard, paper
cigarette packet 77 x 103 x 121 cm
cigarettes 176 cm long

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