Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tom Otterness

Tom Otterness makes large-scale public sculptures, his work which is figurative and often humorous, appeals to a broad public. In 1977, Otterness was a founding member of COLAB, a New York artists' collective that pressed for art to become more accessible and less gallery-bound. In 1978, he received his first major public commission from the Art-in-Architecture programme of the GSA and produced a 300-foot-long, cast-stone relief filled with his trademark cartoon-like figures. Otterness is inspired by the content and style of fairy tales and comics, although his burlesque figures have a subtext related to money and power. These figures are composed of simple geometric shapes and are cast in smooth, polished bronze. (Sculpture Today)

Free Money 2001
bronze, edition of 3, 107-1/2 x 69-1/2 x 84 inches

Large Covered Wagon 
bronze - 15 1/2 ft x 7 ft
in the DUMBO art district of Brooklyn, NY

Crying Giant, 2002
bronze 132 x 78 x 173 in

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