Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bill Woodrow

Bill Woodrow was born near Henley, Oxford shire, in 1948. He studied at Winchester College of Art (1967-68), St Martin's School of Art (1968-71) and Chelsea School of Art (1971-72).Woodrow's earlier works are made from materials he finds in dumps, used car lots and scrap yards, Many of his pieces contain partially embedded in plaster and appear to have been excavated. “He went on to use large consumer goods, such as refrigerators and cars, cutting the sheet metal and allowing the original structure to remain identifiable, with the cut-out attached as if by an umbilical cord to the mother form.” Woodrow Collects all kinds of things and then alters them and giving them a new context. He continued to work with these until the 1990’s when he began to make work in bronze.

In Case Of, 1990
Glass, plastic, coins, wax, water, wood, paint
85 x 70 x 51 cm
Bicycle frames
450 x 830 x 20 cm
WELL DONE!, 1987
Steel frying pan, copper funnel, tea chest, enamel and acrylic paint
106 x 67 x 45 cm

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