Monday, April 19, 2010

Sandhi Schimmel Gold

American artist Sandhi Schimmel has mastered the art of transforming trash to treasure in her unique mosaics made of paper waste. Gold’s exquisite work includes paper waste from: menus, junk mail, greetings cards, advertising brochures, and much more. She sculpts various papers, images and text, to form portraits unlike any you have ever seen! Her purpose as an artist is to create unique, amazing portraits while helping the environment by re-using commonly wasted products.Her collection includes many other amazing recycled art pieces, each unique and exquisite. All of her work is not only truly amazing but 100% eco-friendly!

 40"w x 32"h 
acrylic & mosaic tiles from recycled mail 

Main Recycled Materials: Tax Forms and Political Junk Mail

Shut Up & Kiss Me Again 
30 x 24 in. 
acrylic & mosaic tiles from recycled mail 

30"w x 40"h 
acrylic & mosaic tiles from recycled mail 

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