Monday, March 8, 2010

Paul Day

Paul Day was born in Horsham, West Sussex in 1967. He studied at Colchester Institute from 1987-88 and then studied painting at the School of Fine Arts at Dartington from1988-89. He didn’t enjoy Darlington and switch to sculpture at Gloucester School of Art and Technology in 1989-91. He got his degree in sculpture and developed a love of clay because he felt it worked better for his figurative work. Since 1993, Day has been working in France continuing his work with figures. “Day's sculptures, reflect his observations of life and human activity, particularly in cities. Human form and architectural detail are brought together with a unique and truly humanist sensibility.” Currently he works mostly with bronze and combines both urban and city into his sculptures.
Sunday Sport , 2001
127 cm (edition of 6)

The Meeting Place, 2007
bronze statue
9 metre high

The Battle of Britain,
1 September 2005

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