Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bathsheba Grossman

Bathsheba Grossman (1966–) is an artist in Santa Cruz, California who creates sculptures using computer-aided design and three-dimensional modeling, with metal printing technology to produce sculpture in bronze and stainless steel. Her bronze sculptures are primarily mathematical in nature, often depicting intricate patterns or mathematical oddities (for instance, a figure with only one side but three edges). Her website also has crystals that have been laser etched with three-dimensional patterns, including models of nearby stars, the DNA macromolecule, and the Milky Way Galaxy.Grossman's works have featured in art galleries around the world, as well as the New York Times, and the television series Numb3rs and Heroes. One of her rapid prototyping sculptures is used as a lamp. She studied under sculptor Erwin Hauer at Yale University as an undergraduate, and later with Robert Engman at the University of Pennsylvania. 'Although her technique and media output may be compared with that of a craft shop, thus diminishing its "artisitic" value, I believe the basic designs and premise of her sculpture hold true to the ideals of art today.' (www.wikipedia.com, and me).

Flame Pendant

Flow Bronze

Snow Sculpture at Breckenridge, 2002

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