Monday, November 22, 2010

Stephen Cartwright

Since 1999 Stephen Cartwright has recorded his exact latitude, longitude and elevation every hour of every day. Cartwright uses digital and traditional fabrication techniques to translate his collected data into his sculptural projects. Since the inception of the Latitude and Longitude recording project Stephen Cartwright has completed several grand bicycle journeys through North America, Europe and Asia, totaling more than 20,000 miles. Prolonged observation of his location has led Cartwright to his recent work investigating the use and alteration of the landscape. He is also currently a professor of Sculpture and 3D Art Foundations at University of Illinois, Champaign.(Stephen Cartwright)

Mesh 1 (2010)
(Cycling 1997-2009)
Acrylic 2x9x9 ft.

Champaign Mining (2009)
Acrylic 9x9x10 in.

Fort Peck (2009)
Acrylic 13x8x2 ft.

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