Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dan Graham

Dan Graham (March 31.1942, Urbana Illinois) is a conceptual artist now working out of New York City. He is an influential figure in the field of contemporary art, both a practitioner of conceptual art and art critic and theorist. His art career began in 1964 when he moved to New York and opened the John Daniels Gallery. Graham's artistic talents have wide variety. His artistic fields consist of film, video, performance, photography, architectural models, and glass and mirror structure. Graham especially focuses on the relationship between his artwork and the viewer in his pieces. Graham made a name for himself in the 1980's as and architect of conceptual glass and mirrored pavilions.

Dan Graham, Two Adjacent Pavilions, 1978-81

Dan Graham, Pavilion, 2-way glass and steel

Dan Graham, One Straight Line Crossed By One Curved Line, 2-way mirrow and steel

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