Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Carlos Barela

Carlos Barela was born in Taos, New Mexico. He is the eldest grandson of one of New Mexico's most famous woodcarvers, Patrocinio Barela. Carlos carries on the tradition of carving bultos and santos from rare, aged cedar wood. The rich colors and curved branches of the cedar are the beginning of beautiful sculptures.

All of Carlos' carvings are created with handtools., Carlos has received numerous awards from the Spanish Colonial Arts Society. In his four years of exhibiting in the Spanish Market, he has been awarded two ribbons, the latest one given for "most innovative design" judged against all art forms in the show. Currently his work is traveling to museums throughout the United States.

Artist Statement

As a woodcarver, I form a partnership with nature. The wood speaks to me through its form, shape and grain. I release what's in the piece of wood. I don't dictate, but rather manipulate its nature to achieve the spirit within.


"Adam and Eve"
wood sculpture

"Michael Archangel Slayan Satan"
Hand carved juniper, 18.5" high

"Saint Francis"
Hand carved juniper, 27" high

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