Monday, January 24, 2011

Ivan Limas

"Limas, who lives and works in the Santa Fe Art Colony, is a life-long Angeleno. He spent his childhood growing up in various parts of LA like Compton (and later La Merada) and says it had a big impact on his life. while some of the kids he grew up with were into the gang culture or graffiti art, he stuck to drawing comics, but his drawings eventually moved him to explore ideas in culture, and experience.
'A lot of my work is about defiance, exploration and self-perception.. cultural perception.'
He talks about visual signifiers, like those communicated through items like a common bandanna. the bandanna having many meanings in different cultures, and he thinks about where the bandanna originated from, whether it’s from Mexico,Spain or somewhere else. his hope is to “contextualize it into contemporary dialogue.”. He has created a series of 3 bandannas with ironed transfers that might hint different places to different people. Discussion of the pieces range from the language expressed in the wearing of bandannas, the color significance in gang culture, or any number of things.
He wants his work to be available to everyone, not restricted to any one group. Bringing the idea of an item that’s not necessarily considered art and having people think about it in a new way, or bring their own experience to the interpretation. whether it’s a synthetic ostrich skin-encased vacuum cleaner or a video installation of Ivan cutting off his own tongue."
Fighting Cattle 2007
Wood, wire, paper, and poster clippings.
Untitled (Elephant) 2010
Wood, wire, paper, paint, and sage.
Untitled 2007

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