Friday, January 21, 2011

Guerra De La Paz

"Sunt" 2008

"Dueling Snakes" 2006

"Eden" 2003
"Guerra La Paz" is a duo of Alain Guerra and Nolando La Paz, two cuban born Miami based artists. They create sculptures out of recycled clothing, using "textile layering." They like to experiment with dimension and unconventional materials. They are inspired by, "an essential familiarity with the ready-made and archeological qualities that found objects possess- and depicts the significance of mass-produced refuse in our society." They like to create work with a universal message and "find ways to reinvent historic and classic icons while still commenting on contemporary culture."

They are also very inspired by the small businesses that used to thrive in Haiti. They got access to a lot of discarded clothing and now use that clothing to create stories that speak of "enviornmental issues, mass consumption, and disposability." They see themselves as vehicles guided by the garments "essence and silent histories."

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