Monday, April 25, 2011

Andrew Severynko

Andrey Severynko is a vanguard Ukrainian sculptor, born in Kiev, 1968. 

It is not easy to identify the style of Andrew Severynko’s sculptures. On entering his underground studio in an old suburban building of Kiev you submerge into the world of magical voyages similar to those of Captain Nemo’s. You are surrounded by ancient mysterious boats, unique insects, beetles. 
The materials used by Andrey are also out of the ordinary - iron springs, cogwheels, screws, rusty irons, parts of typewriters and umbrellas and other debris, found on the scrapheap of civilization. All these unwanted bits of junk have been given a second life by Andrey’s extraordinary imagination and exceptional talent. Due to the complexity of their structure some of the sculptures take years to be completed.

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