Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Richard Rezac

Richard Rezac was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. Early in his life he already planned to become an artist. He later attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon in order to pursue his undergraduate degree. After college Rezac spent six years travelling around the country to visit museums and study art on his own. After these six years were up, Rezac attended graduate school at the Maryland Institute in Baltimore. It was here that Rezac's first three-dimensional works were created. Before this time, Rezac's work had consisted of paintings and charcoal drawings in which he tried to prefigure his sculptural concerns of the precise, quasi-geometric form in isolated space.
"Balance" is the constant and final word in any descriptions of Rezac's work and seeking balance is what Rezac describes as a primary motivation in his work. The balance of materials, formal qualities, emotional expressiveness, size, weight, placement- all of which are further brought out in the installations he designs. Rezac's works tend to leave people with a sort of old-fashioned feeling of "rightness".

Wenceslaus, 2003

Painted Wood and Steel

Lancaster, 2004

Painted Wood, Steel, and Aluminum

Glisan, 2006

Painted Wood and Aluminum

Photos/Information: http://richardrezac.com

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