Friday, April 22, 2011

Jason Houchen

After graduating with a BFA from the University of Missouri, Jason Houchen relocated to Los Angeles where he discovered highly influential classical folk art, street, and a burgeoning pop surrealism art scene. Through his wood burnings, sculptures, mixed media and paintings he has developed a style that coalesce his Midwest influences with these newly found worlds. Described as being full of life and death, spirits and spirituality, history, as well as memories, his work provokes more questions than answers. Jason Houchen is 30 and lives in Chicago, and has also received his MA in art education from Eastern Illinois University and his MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Electric Guitar
Mixed Media Guitar
36"H x 18"W

Sleepy Tree
Steel and found objects
24"H x 48"W

Steel Tree 1
Steel, Concrete, and Wood(Available at Billy Shire Fine Arts)
72"H x 24"W

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