Sunday, March 20, 2011

Henry Van Wolf

Mr. Van Wolf was the President of the San Fernando Valley Professional 
Artist's Guild in 1953. He resided in North Hollywood for a number of years 
where he created the following sculptures: "Happy Family", Olivia De 
Havilland". "Fighting Mountain Lions", and "Will Rogers." He worked out of a 
large home which he used as his studio and lived in a small house next to the 
large home studio. His sculpting ranged from small to over.
1898 (Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany)
Death1982 (Los Angeles, California)
Lived/Active California

* Bronze
* Oil Paint


* Figure, Figurative
* Indian, Native American Figure, Genre
* Portrait


* American Artists Professional League
* California Art Club-
* National Sculpture Society
* WPA, Federal Arts Project

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  1. I have a sculpture by H. Van Wolf. It looks as if it silver, I haven't found any silver sculptures online by him. I'm curious about it's value and why I have not seen any other silver sculptures.