Saturday, March 26, 2011

Peter Scaturro

A Process Note: Ceramic Sculpture

I generally construct each sculpture by intuitively joining dark and light clays. This is a visual metaphor for the joining of opposites and the union of diversity in life. Then I run the joined clay through a slab roller which intimately fuses the clay and gives me a uniform thickness. I begin construction of the work and it's execution is completed as I stated above and by using techniques such as scoring and slipping joints before I put two pieces together. All the work is allowed to slowly dry to become green ware. It is then bisque fired and either low fired or high fired to different temperatures. The sculpture's titled Ascent 1-4 were fired in a salt kiln. During the firing salt is introduced into the kiln and its reaction with the silica of the clay creates a beautiful dark color with a slight pebbled texture. It is my favorite way of firing clay.

My art work is about the excitement of exploring with your eyes, mind and spirit the unique and the mysterious. The work is created to have immediate impact and long lasting power. It is about seeing what you have never seen before. I hope the paintings and sculptures engage you by their power of color, motion and imagery and move you into a sense of wondering and curiosity. Right then and there you are beginning to be pulled in--to be involved in the process of discovering all the variety of shapes, the dark and light spaces in between them, how they're connected, float or seem to move fast accross the paper. I know you will often return to the painting and find new insights and associations with the imagery that will add to your overall sense of experiencing the original beauty of the creative process. These works would enliven and energize any room they are placed in.


"TriUnity 2"
Ceramic Sculpture, 3 Clays,
30"H x 17"W

"TriUnity 7-Opposite Side"
Ceramic, 3 Clays, High Fired Reduction, 28 x 11 x 11, 2010
28"H x 11"W

"TriUnity 5"
Ceramic Sculpture, Porcelain and 2 clays, San Francisco,Napa Valley,Painting,Watercolor

26"H x 22"W

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