Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tom Bogaert

Before dedicating his life to art, Belgian artist Tom Bogaert documented genocide and human rights abuses in Africa, Europe and Asia. He worked as a lawyer for Amnesty International and the UN refugee agency. The artist does not see his artwork as an extension of his refugee work, although it does directly confront the intersection of human rights, entertainment and propaganda.
Tom Bogaert stopped practicing law in 2004 and participated in the Elizabeth Foundation Studio Center in New York City. He had his first solo exhibition in NYC in 2008 with the legendary Jack the Pelican Presents gallery and he has widely exhibited in Europe, the Middle East and the US. Bogaert’s work has been written about in publications such as The New York Times, Al-Akhbar, JO-magazine, NY Arts Magazine, Baladna, Artist for Artist and The Miami Herald.
Tom Bogaert lives and works in Amman, Jordan.

Water Tank E2 2010
Welded galvanized steel water tanks mounted on metal stand
Canary Space Ship (studio view) 2007

Space-specific sculpture: a complex of used birdcages, connected together with metal wire, glue, tape and knitting yarn.
Inside the complex were three live canaries with personalized bird bands that featured the artist's studio address, in case the space ship was intercepted by extraterrestrial beings.

Bird Ring 2007
Aluminum alloy

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