Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anthony Caponi

Anthony Caponi is an artist, educator, poet, philosopher, innovator and engineer. For 60 years, Caponi has lived, worked, taught, and created his art in Minnesota. His distinguished career has carved an indelible mark in the cultural history of the state and contributed immeasurably to the wealth of arts available to its citizens.

At age 89, Caponi continues to create with energy and inspiration. Caponi Art Park and Learning Center, the manifestation of his 50-year vision, has been a reality since 1992. This vision and creative spirit have built and literally sculpted this public creation for the delight of everyone. The concrete and dirt paths are Caponi’s linear drawings retraced and animated by each person who walks them. The rock walls and shaped earth are his 60-acre sculpture into which conventional works are integrated. Since making a home in Eagan in 1949, the realization of Caponi Art Park crowns his life’s achievements.

Caponi devoted more than 20 years working with the community and educating local government on the importance of art. Not only has Caponi through his own untiring physical effort literally hand built this park, his home and studio, miles of paths, vistas and outdoor sculpture sites, he has worked diligently with the county, city and state to establish Caponi Art Park as a viable entity and independent foundation. Through his commitment, Caponi Art Park has grown into an established arts organization that serves thousands of visitors a year. Learn more about the history of Caponi Art Park.


"Walk in Outer Space "



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