Monday, February 7, 2011

Resi Girardello

Resi Girardello is an Italian artist born in Vicenza, Italy. She graduated in Painting and Sculpture at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. In 2005, after a six months grant at the Middlesex University, London, she obtained a second-level degree in Visual and Performing Arts at the Venice Academy. She explores the ways of Sculpture and Installations, facing to scientific themes like "Gaia Theory" by J. Lovelock. She goes through science, mythology and society with ironical approach. Many of her recent art works are permanently exposed in the "Costa Luminosa" and "Costa Deliziosa" Ships. She lives between Venice and Berlin.

Da Gaia 2004
Waves in plexiglas modeled, micro organisms in braided material
Castelli in Aria 2007
Metal wires painted by hand and structure made of iron
Conversazioni Veneziane 2010
Copper wire, tiny metal nets, small crystals

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