Monday, February 14, 2011

Jaume Plensa

This evening, Diehl + Gallery One opens Russia's first solo exhibition of Spanish artist and one of the most important contemporary sculptors Zhaume Plensa (Jaume Plensa), who lives and works in Barcelona and Paris.

Zhaume Plensa, born in 1955 in Barcelona, was known until the 1990's primarily as a master, working with classical materials. Expanding their creative range, it now makes sculptures out of artificial resins, glass, bronze, metal, and also works with «intangible» substances, such as light, word and sound. His work has long been assumed International importance.

People who habitually live in the surrounding sounds of words and images - the main characters are works of the sculptor. Creation Zhaume Plensa compel the viewer to stop for a moment to think about themselves and about the fundamental aspects of human existence. All of his work imbued with poetic meaning, to find that everyone is free to self - the author offers this feature. Zhaume Plensa admitted in an interview that his sculpture - it is «the best way to ask a question». His works are sculptural ideas that put the issue on the basics of life experience. It shows a private in general, especially in the normal with the help of simple but profound paintings that do not immediately open to the observer.

a special role in his work, took the floor; Plensa sculpture Zhaume sometimes composed entirely of letters, as the figure in his work «WE /WE». The words he's not only a means of communication, they become his hands in the shell of our human existence. In his sculptures in bronze in «The hearts of trees /tree Heart» consists of the letters the names of famous composers. The figures sit, embraced his knees, and out of trees. This beautiful allegory created Zhaume Plensa to bring another thought of the sculptor infinity human capabilities: «We are part of the land, but we can reach out and hug space».

The exhibition will feature not only sculptures but also paintings Zhaume Plensa, which are an integral part of his creative process, and clearly reflects the range of interests and sources of inspiration of the great modern artist.

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