Monday, February 28, 2011

Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson is trained as a painter, but has since developed her career as a multimedia artist and curator who uses video, found objects, digital imagery, drawings, and sound. Interested in the media as a divisive tool for shaping public motivations, as well as looking at the edifices of architecture, of which social control is inherent, yet not explicit, her work is about democracy. Her work often manifests itself as site-specific commissions, which seek to subtly reveal, and at times, subvert the social mechanics and contentions of any given context.

Wilson has spent ten years with a variety of site-related contemporary art commissions and community-engaged projects under galleries such as V&A, Tate, Waygood, and the Shipley Art Gallery Gateshead. Much of her work is driven by social engagement and inclusion. With public places as a forum for her work, Wilson, at times, creates no division between herself—the artist practitioner—and the volunteering public, who become part of the enquiry, thus blurring the distinction between the creative facilitator and the public, which allows them to have an equal role in the artwork. The approach is holistic, as the final outcome of the artwork is often less of a priority than the process of engagement itself.

Cabinet of the North, 2007Audio, cabinet, glass bulbs, archival material and found objects

Swan Hunter Welding Mask, 2008Found objects

The End of the Rainbow is Nigh, 2008Audio, cabinet, glass bulbs, archival material and found objects

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